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What does it take to believe?

“Encounters” tells the story of university chaplain Alex (Jürgen Heimüller) and his young colleague Sophia (Ivana Consolani). Together they try to make a difference in the lives of students. What do you say, when somebody is struggling in a relationship? What do you say, if a person is terminally ill? What do you say to someone who is tired of living? Nothing, probably. Unless you have to. Unless it’s your job. Unless you’re a chaplain. But even men and women of God are only human after all.

Encounters – a series about university life at its best. And worst. A show about searching for God in the 21st century.

Genre: Drama-Soap, TV series

Worldwide Release Date
Season 1: July 2022

Cast: Jürgen Heimüller, Ivana Consolani, Anne-Marie Agbodji, Jeanette Limberg, Govinda Gabriel, Nils Housotte, Trish Osmond, Jeff Book, Coco Brell, Gerrit-Melina Strätling, Marius Marx


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